The RD No Money Down Loan Program is available in almost all of Maine.  There are generous income limits so many buyers can qualify.  Many times the payment on this loan is lower than it would be for a loan WITH a down payment. 

Here are some highlights to this great program

-No Money down required, although you can put up to 19.99% down

-Low credit score minimum

-Low mortgage insurance

-Seller can pay up to 6% in closing costs

-debt-to-income ratios 29%/41%.  Higher if credit scores over 680

Here are some things to keep in mind

-Not available in Portland or South Portland

-Not available if you can easily qualify for a conventional loan

-Requires proof of three credit items paid on time for last twelve months

Want to see if you qualify for this program, or anther one?  Click here to Apply. Or Click here to contact us.