Jumbo Mortgages

Please note: COVID19 has reduced our jumbo options so check with your bank for options first.  If your bank can't help you with your specific jumbo loan, we can certainly do our best.  Do you need to hold on to more of your savings?  We get it!  We help our borrowers hold onto their cash with our Jumbo 85% Financing loan options!

Did you know that First Portland Mortgage has access to Jumbo loans with just 10% down?  And, they don't require mortgage insurance!

Expanded 85 Program Highlights*:

>Up to $1.5 Million
>720 minimum FICO score
>43% Maximum DTI
>30 Year Fixed
>No MI

Choice Program Highlights:

>Up to $1 Million
>680 minimum FICO score
>38% Maximum DTI
>6 months reserves*
>Fixed and 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 ARMs
>No MI

Call First Portland today and keep your cash in your pocket!

*Guidelines for first time home buyers vary.  Contact us for details.