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An appraisal can be completed after you've reviewed and signed the application & mortgage disclosures.

Once completed, an appraisal is usually good for 120 days.  This means you must close within that 120 days.

The cost varies by state, by area and by appraisal type.


Waiver - Depending on your address, credit and loan type, your appraisal MAY be waived.  Upon pre-approval, you'll most likely know if you can save money on an appraisal.

Inspection - If your appraisal is not waived, a licensed appraiser will visit your home and take pictures.  They will check for size, condition, function and quality.

Comparables Sales Research - The appraiser can only use the most similar homes to yours based on size, neighborhood, etc. to determine a fair market value.

Appraisal Report - Once the appraiser has completed his data and comparable search, we will receive the appraisal, review it and forward a copy to you at least three days prior to closing.

At Acadia Lending Group, Kristeen will check to see if your appraisal requirement can be waived.  Since we have no fees, the only up front payment is the appraisal.  If it is waived, no fees have to be paid until closing. 

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