Linda D Blake


We have been fortunate enough to have Linda on our staff for quite some time.  Before Linda became a processor here at First Portland Mortgage, she was an Underwriter at a large local bank.  She has the knowledge and skills to understand the most difficult of tax returns and consumer information.  Linda is an invaluable…

Photo of Jeffrey Davison

Jeffrey Davison

Loan Originator – NMLS # 371601

I worked as a real estate agent for five years prior to becoming a loan originator. This experience was invaluable to me, helping fully understand the total transaction and developing the ability to see a purchase, or even a refinance from multiple points of view. I have owned and managed investment property since 1988, developing…

Photo of Kristeen Smith

Kristeen Smith

Manager/Loan Specialist – NMLS # 108210

I have helped lots of home owners and home buyers during the last 20 years as a mortgage loan officer. My prior experience as a loan processor and loan closer means that I have knowledge in all areas of the mortgage loan process to help me get your home mortgage closed! First Portland processes mortgage…